Over-50 Claims

Does Age Matter in a Disability Claim?

Over 50? You may have heard that it is easier to obtain Social Security Disability benefits if you are age 50 or older. That is not necessarily true. Age is just one of the factors that the Social Security Administration (SSA) considers when determining benefit eligibility.

The attorneys of Burnett & Driskill know how to weigh the various issues involved in determining your eligibility for Social Security Disability. After evaluating your specific circumstances, we will tell you directly whether we believe you have a valid disability claim. If so, our lawyers will work diligently to help you obtain the full amount of benefits you are entitled to receive.

What Factors Are Considered?

In addition to the severity of the physical or mental impairments themselves, the Social Security Administration considers age, educational background, and work history when considering Social Security Disability claims. Work history and educational background are often more heavily weighted than age.

A 50-year-old heart surgeon who loses feeling in one hand, for example, may no longer be able to perform surgery, but could practice in other areas of medicine. A 50-year-old factory worker with a limited education who develops the same condition may have fewer choices.

A Bridge to Retirement?

People who have lost their jobs may consider applying for Social Security Disability instead of taking an early retirement. In fact, the Social Security Administration recommends that people age 62 and older consider the disability program as an alternative to early retirement.

It is important to understand, however, that you cannot receive disability benefits just because you are out of work. No matter what your age, you must meet the Social Security Administration's definition of disability to be eligible.

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